Friday, October 28, 2016

~ Review - Black And White Flowers by Rachel Robinson ~

"We promised each other forever. And that almost ever happens."

I'm not sure how to begin. I'm so overwhelmed right now... Like always, Rachel Robinson knows how to kill me slowly and not so softly. I've read all of her SEAL books and this one was so different, so real, so so... Ugh... I'm struggling with my own words.
Carina is an author, a very successful one. She is engaged to an @sshole who abuses her, physically and emotionally.
With everything she's going through, she meets Smith at the most unexpected time or place and from that second both of their lives change.

"He's opening my eyes to a softer side. A side I've always know has been inside, but hasn't had the opportunity to come to light."
Smith is a navy seal. He's been through hell and back after being involved in a horrible accident. He's engaged to a woman he hardly remembers because of his amnesia but being true to his past promise to her, he stays and keeps being the honorable man that he is even though he's miserable. 
Meeting Carina and start working with her on her new novel, takes him off balance. They both struggle with their feelings to one another and when they finally decided to follow their hearts, a chain of events makes them be apart again.

"For the first time I'm completely free , but my deepest desire has been taken away."

This story has everything. It will take you to a journey that will crush your heart but heal it at the same time. It will teach you how to be stronger and never give up on what you believe. There were parts that I wanted to strangle Smith but at the same time, I understood his choices.
Another important thing that touched me deeply - terror attacks. They have ruined so many lives all over the world, I know that firsthand.
I've lost friends to terror as a soldier and as an Israeli citizen. I loved the fact that Rachel writes about it from the bottom of her heart and never sugarcoat the truth. This is why I love her books. This is why I'm a big fan of military or any kind of law enforcements' stories. They always touch me deep inside that I keep thinking about them a while after.

I've been waiting for this book for a while now and I'm so happy I had the privilege to read it sooner than the release day. I can't wait for more books in The Real Seal Series. I know I will love each and every one of them.

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