Tuesday, October 11, 2016

★::★ Review - Set in Stone by Rachel Robinson ★::★

"Smile through the pain. Laugh through the grief. Thrive in the throes of emptiness."

It took me all night just to think and process this book. It touched deep... Too deep and I was an emotional wreck after finishing it. I read it with a heavy heart but the end, the end broke my heart completely and opened the gate for my tears to roll down.
It's not easy to choose life and to be happy after you lose someone so close to you. The easy way to deal with it is to let the black hole of sadness swallow you in and never get out. This is not how Morganna dealt with the huge loss of her beloved navy SEAL husband - Stone.
If you read Crazy Good, you know what happened to him. 

Set is Stone takes place a few years after that horrible day. Morganna learns how to live her life without Stone. She has her career as a successful lawyer. She has all the amazing SEAL team by her side and she has Steven - her best friend since ever, Stone's teammate and the one who secretly in love with her since they were kids.
Steven... Oh, Steven... A manwhore with a capital M! He is so hot, so messed up, so not relationship material, but with everything's Morganna related - he decides that it is time to change.
They both struggle to manage their feelings to one another. Steven feels like he competing with a ghost while Morganna is torn between the one she lost and the one that is right in front of her.

Her struggle was my struggle. With every page that I read, her pain, Steven's pain had cut me open. I was torn just like them. I wanted to hug Stone's memory and never let go but at the same time wanted Morganna to find her happiness.
Like I said, this story touched me deep and Rachel knows why...
Just read it you guys! Start with Crazy Good, continue with Set in Stone and if that won't make you fall in love with Rachel's writing - the 3rd book Time and Space will do it for sure!
Thank you, Rachel, for your words, for touching me so deep and for all the money that you made me spend on batteries... LOL.

"Joy can't die when there is even the smallest spark to thrive. If you're lucky, the spark will turn into a flame and that fire will burn for long as long as you allow it."

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