Wednesday, October 5, 2016

~*~ Review ~ Archer's Voice ~ Mia Sheridan ~*~

Sometimes an understanding silence was better than a bunch of meaningless words."
I know! I know! Where was I these last two and a half years when this book was waiting on my kindle??? What the hell is wrong with me??? 
Maybe it's because I lost my father not so long ago or maybe it's because my auntie is deaf and using a sign language, but this book took me places where I've never been before. I held myself not to cry through each and every page. Every single word made my heart burst inside my chest and I had to read every sentence more than once because I didn't want it to end. Archer Hale ladies and gentlemen, is going to live forever in my heart. 
Archer and Bree's story is so much more than a love story. It's a journey of love, friendship, trust, struggles that you can never imagine and hope... So much hope! 
There's a Bon Jovi song that says: "I never knew I had a dream until that dream was you..."

I thought about that song while reading Archer's words to Bree:
"I didn't know enough to dream you, Bree, but somehow you came true anyway. How did that happen?" 
This is what hope is all about! This is what Archer's Voice means to me! The surprises that life can bring us at the most unexpected times or places.
I will never forget this story and I'm sure going to read it again and again because this kind of masterpiece is not something you read every day. This kind of masterpiece is a one to cherish forever. Thank you for Archer, Mia. Thank you for Bree. Thank you for this amazing story! 

"I lost my heart to you. And Bree, in case you're wondering, I don't ever want it back."

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