Thursday, December 31, 2015

Tyed by L.J. Shen - Goodreads Review (posted on March 2015)

Soooo I was one of the luckiest beta readers that got the chance reading this amazing story!
Ty is defenitly the one that is going to live in my heart and dreams for a very long time :-)
I just couldn't stop reading from the first word 'till the last one...
in L.J. hilarious writing I enjoyed it so much (even in the sad parts!!! sorry L.J.)
The only thing that disturbed me the most is the open ending of the story...
I understand that this is a trilogy and "to be continued" is in order, but - HELLO!!!!!
Burning ovaries are in the house!!!!!!!!!!
My lovely L.J. Shen, you've got yourself a fan for sure!! can't wait for your next book! please please please make it fast because "its getting hot in here! so take off all your clothes..." is on the radio and I want TY to take them off of me!!

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