Thursday, December 31, 2015

Review for - The Uninhibited Series by Kimberly Bracco

One of my favorites series's ever!! Loved every minute of it!!!

Inhibitions & Unrestricted: Tanner is a superstar football player who has an awful reputation as a womanizer, which he's definitely not. He gives up about clearing his name and trusting people.
When Ashley, a journalist who's being sent to interview him, comes into his life, everything changes. She presents him as the good man that she’s starting to know and care for while the connection between the two of them is getting stronger every day.
Tanner’s learning how to trust again and do everything he can to break whatever is holding Ashley back from moving forward with their relationship.
While being on the right HOT (!!!) patch for a very long time, trust issues mess with Tanner's judgment and one awful mistake changes both their lives forever…
That's it! This is all I'm going to reveal for now without sharing any spoilers.
All I can add is that: I'm a hard reader to impress. I'm a pain in the ass when it comes to books (and probably other stuff too) but this story – this story wrecked my heart & soul to little shreds that even now, 3 days after finishing it, I'm still having a heartache.
It just has it all, and so much more! Love, hot sex, friendships and a huge tragedy that will take you to a serious emotional ride.
You'll be needing a few tissue bags, Advil, extra panties (especially for book #1) and probably a few days off to heal.
Freed: After reading Unrestriced, I was an emotinal wreck. Couldn't get over all the pain I felt for Tanner & Ashley.
I wanted more, needed more and now -
Now I can put a big smile on my face and thank Kimberly for bringing them into our lives.
Tanner & Ashley's story continue with hope that filled with a lot of fear.
The past has never really gone while they struggle with the insecurities of what they've been through.
After 3 years of being married, Ashley is pregnant again and every little thing takes her to the dark place she's been before.
Tanner, being the best husband ever, does whatever he can in order to help his wife deal with whatever she's dealing with. He is amazing, super caring and patience with all her needs.
I just love those two! There are the perfect image for what marriage is all about!
Unconditional love, passion, respect for one another and hope for a brighter future :-)

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