Wednesday, December 16, 2015

My review for Perfect Ruin (Unyielding Book 2) by Nashoda Rose

Nashoda Rose - what can I possibly say??? 
You never disappoint me with your amazing writing and one hell of a master mind!
I loved every minute of this breathtaking book and fell madly in love with Kai!I can honestly say that I hardly breath through all of it...
I always thought that Kai was the bad guy but getting to know his true side and see how London breaks all his stone walls that around his heart was so beautiful! Their journey is full with so much pain but in the same time, so much hope that warms the reader's heart.
I really recommend you all to read the Tear Asunder Series + Perfect Chaos first in order to understand all the pieces of this breathtaking puzzle.

A little bit about the plot (without any spoilers) - 
Kai was never the one to feel or care about anyone, but when he sees London for the first time, he can't stay away. He rescues her from a fire and stay close to keep her safe. One thing leads to another and they meet again, this time while he shows his scary side threatening London's father. She wants to do whatever she can in order to protect her father so she offer Kai one week - one week for him to take the pleasure with her body, what she doesn't know is that this offer is going to change both of their lives... 

Can't say more!!! Read it now and read it fast!!! 
Thanks Nash for one hell of a ride!!!

Unyielding Series


Tear Asunder Series


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