Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Review - Dark Corners: A True Heroes Novel (True Heroes Series Book 3) by A.M. Madden

If there's anything that A.M. Madden can do best is creating amazing, sexy men that every woman would want by her side. After Ben and Nick I really didn't think that she'll be able to create another man that will capture my heart BUT she did it, and did it soooo good!
David Cavello (Sexy) David is a war vet who spent a few deployments in Iraq. After seeing his best friend getting shot in the head in front of him, he's going through a meltdown and leaves the army.
David suffers from PTSD and while trying to handle his new life as a citizen, his friend's death follows him everywhere. The one thing that helps him is Maygen.
They meet by accident and their immediate strong connection is very hard to ignore. They started to date and David finds himself open up to her. He wants to tell her everything about his life but there is one thing that he just can't share, not yet…

Maygen can't handle secrets or dishonesty, so when she finds out that David, one of the few people who she really trusts, keeping this big secret from her - everything changes!
David's story touched me in so many ways. I have a very soft spot for soldiers and after being a soldier myself, I know PTSD first hand. I wanted to hug him this whole time and promise him that everything's going to be ok.
This is a story about love, forgiveness, trust and so many struggles that your heart will work overtime. 

A.M. did an amazing job showing us those struggles during everything David and maygen went through 'till their HEA. She's also made me pee in my pants with her wittiness :-)

I can't wait for the next TRUE HERO to come along… I'll be waiting…



BOOK #2 

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