Monday, May 2, 2016

~~~Review - Betrayed By Blood (The Betrayed Series Book 1) by Victoria Renteria~~~

"Secrets hurt when they're kept hidden, burried deep inside where no one can see them..."
Child abuse is an overwhelming subject to write about and I admire every author who is willing to take that risk and tell a story about this kind of struggle. 
This is what this book is all about...
Abuse, servive, sadness, struggle, love and hope! 
Betrayed by Blood brought to my attention by the amazing person who wrote it. Victoria is a super sweetheart that I just couldn't wait for her debute novel to be released and I'm so happy for her for fulfilling her dream. 
Kylee is a English school teacher. She loves her job and manage to work through her ghosts from her past as a victim of child abuse. 
After trying to help one of her students and almost being raped, she accept a job offer in Korea. That's where she meets Alex... Oh Alex... 
Alex is a Delta Force army man who stays in Korea for an investigation along with his team mates. His attraction to Kylee is too strong to ignore and they both find themselves just can't stay away. 
Although her ghosts are always there, Alex manages to help her deal with them and breaks her walls of trust issues. 

But, like every good ol' story, past has it's way of getting back and mess things up...
This is the 1st book of a trilogy. It ends with such a massive cliffhager that I truly can't wait for book #2!!!
Great job Victoria! I couldn't have been more proud of you! 
Write woman, write!

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