Sunday, May 1, 2016

★✩★ARC Review - The Break-up (Full Hearts Series Book 5) by MJ Summers★✩★

I had the privilege to be the first one to read this fantastic book, and I'm so grateful for this opportunity!
I love love love MJ Summers. I love her books. I love her men. I love her way with words that go straight to your heart, and here, with her final book in this awesome series, she does it again!
Wes and Courtney's story is the kind of love story that will make you struggle with so many emotions while reading it.
Wes is an ex-Marine man who provides security services to the rich (and often famous) for a living. He takes a gig guarding Courtney, a well-known Hollywood actress, who is going through a very ugly public divorce. With each day they spend together, their desire for each other grows more intense.
Wes is a super hottie—well built and well-behaved. He’s a man of honor and respect that every woman would want for herself, and Courtney – well, like any Hollywood actress – she's just hard to ignore.
As much as they try not to act on their feelings of attraction, a moment of weakness takes them both on a journey of love, lust, passion and overwhelming mixed feelings. They want to be together, but they each come from completely different worlds, and they know it will never work. Before long, their future plans take them in different directions, and they are faced with a choice—to give up their dreams or lose love.
Hot sex, an SOB of an ex-husband, heart-warming love and an ex-Marine that will make you drool over him – this book has it all!
MJ Summers, being the amazing author that she is, will make you love, hate, get turned on and be heart-broken through the pages of this beautiful story.
Highly recommended!

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