Friday, April 8, 2016

★~★Review - The Fire Between High & Lo by Brittainy C. Cherry★~★

Wow… That was just… WOW!
I love second chance stories and this one was one hell of a second chance love story! So many highs and much more lows, this is how my heart worked through reading this incredible story.
Logan and Alyssa met when they were teenagers. They were best friends for a very long time and then become lovers. All the love in the world didn't help. Life got in their way as a chain of events broke them up and made them live apart of each other for 5 years.
When Logan comes back to town, they both need to deal with the side effects of their old lives and together they learn how to do it. Also together, they deal with the present and with what the future holds for their loved ones.

This story has so many levels of happy and sad, that my heart kept working and working without ever knowing what to expect.
I loved it! Loved every minute of it! From the drugs to the violence, from the happy to the sad, from the high to the lows – it was all there in a big, beautiful wrapped up package of 324 pages…
Highly recommended to you guys! Read it and read it now!

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