Tuesday, April 5, 2016

★•**•.★ Review - Ethan (A Resilient Hearts Novella 1.5) by L.K. Owen ★•**•.★

I was so happy when the author told me she's about to write a novella for Ethan.
On Sucker Punched, his story was the missing piece and I think this novella completed it PERFECTLLY!
Ethan's past was so important to his development as a person and, of course, as a main character in this awesome story :-) 
I loved it so much and I loved the way the author took us through his journey, now & then.
This is definitely not the end for L.K. Owen! She is the one to watch and I'm looking forward to her next release! 

Ethan battled to overcome demons from his past, and since meeting Caitlin, his life has finally come together. They share a love that is pure and true, and now he feels complete. However, an unexpected turn of events leads Ethan down a path he never saw coming. Mostly, the changes are positive, but along with the good comes the threat of being haunted by a past Ethan worked hard to put behind him. 
Will Caitlin's love, support, and devotion be enough to see Ethan through this rocky path? 

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