Thursday, January 14, 2016

Sucker Punched (Resilient Hearts Series Book One 1) by L K Owen

This book caught my eyes two months ago. I loved the cover, loved the author's amazing ST and after reading the blurb, I just had to one-click it.

Caitlin Riley is a UK girl that runs from her abusive boyfriend. Her best friend, Beth, helps her escape and she chooses the US as a rescue country. She finds a job at a local coffee shop where she meets Ethan Kendricks, a HOT army veteran who co-owns a gym with his younger brother.
Both of them have a thing for each other from the very beginning and after a few setbacks they find themselves in a loving relationship.
Caitlin learns how to trust again while the shadows from her past never fade and Ethan helps her do it. Through it all, he deals with his own struggles after losing his leg in the war.  
Ethan is perfect, too perfect if you ask me ;-)  
He's very patient and super sensitive to Caitlin's needs and fears. He makes her feel safe and loved which is exactly what she needs after what she's been through.

I have to be honest about a few things:
The story was sweet and very fun to read but, there were a few parts that I just needed more. The events happened really fast and there were hardly emotions in parts that were supposed to break my heart. I wanted to know more about Ethan's life as a soldier and as an injured veteran. I'm a sucker for ugly cries and the potential was definitely there, this is why I was a bit disappointed.
Don't get me wrong, I had fun reading it but still, I just needed more…

I will definitely read L K's next books because I think she has huge potential and for a debut novel, she did great. 

Way to go L K Owen! Keep writing! :-) 

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