Sunday, January 31, 2016

Review - Time and Space by Rachel Robinson

"My heart beats for her. For however many beats it has left. I focus on those beats:
Lai-ney. Lai-ney. Lai-ney. Lai-ney."

OMG this book!
It took me a whole week to read it, 'cause life has a thing with getting in my way when I really need the time off. Every second of not reading was a torture! I had to always know what came next and never wanted it to be over, but  like all good things, this book also came to an end, a mind blowing heart wrenching HEA…
The road to this HEA wasn't easy though. I cried and cried so bad and I seriously thought about throwing my kindle away, and never look back.
Now I know that it was all worth it! Every little tear or heartache, it was definitely worth it! 
Time and Space is an amazing masterpiece that you just have to read, and if you can take a day off to read it without stopping, even better.  

Cody Ridge <sigh> is an ex Navy SEAL that got back to life after more than 3 years being in captivity, and by "got back to life" I mean – he was pronounced DEAD by the authorities once he was captured. He was engaged to Lainey, the love of his life when his captors stole him from her and destroyed both of their lives.
When Cody comes back, he finds out that the love of his life is about to be married to Dax, another Navy SEAL, one of the guys who rescued him from his captivity.
Their love to one another is way too strong to ignore, and Rachel Robinson did an amazing job writing those feelings in a way I could feel them with every fiber of my heart and soul. Like I said – I cried A LOT!
The struggle is too hard and too painful – Cody needs to keep his loyalty to his SEAL's brother. Lainey wants to call off the wedding but struggling with Dex's feelings and during all this mess, Cody is trying to locate the man who stole his life and kill him.
Ugh… My heart… AGAIN!!!
It's too hard for me to keep telling you about this PERFECT book without revealing spoilers, so now it's time for me to tell you, no SCREAM at you:


This is a perfectly written story about love, loss, second (and third) chances, loyalty, revenge and mind blowing sex! My God, THE SEX! Cody Ridge is THE one book boyfriend to claim as yours!

Thank you Rachel for a beautiful story and one hell of a roller coaster ride J

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