Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Review - LOVE on The Horizon, A Breaking the Rules Novel (Breaking The Rules Series) by A.M. Madden

"Marco's staff.
Marco's stiff staff.
Marco's stiff staff happy.
Marco's stiff staff happy in me.
Holy shit…what's happening to me?"

Well, now I know that this woman can write everything!
After I fell madly in love with Ben Stone & I was left broken hearted byQuint Lawson, now it's time for you guys to be prepared for one Mr. Marco Puglia! An Italian lover that will leave you breathless!
This beautiful story is all about love, love, love and steamy love. J
After seven years of working with Sunset Cruise Lines, Marco finally gets the promotion that he was waiting for and starts to work as a cruise director on the Horizon cruising ship. He hires Rebecca Stanton to be a part of his staff, and knows in that moment that it's going to be a mistake. She is beautiful, full of life and is a very talented woman that capture his heart and soul from the first time he sees her.
Rebecca feels the same, finally working on her dream job, she knows that she won't be able to ignore what he makes her feel.
Breaking all the rules and against company policy, they start a loving secret relationship and enjoy every minute of it. But when the honeymoon bubble bursts, things get messy…
If you are looking for a funny, steamy, romantic as hell kind of story, this one is definitely for you!
AM Madden, you did good! So so good! 5 beautiful shining starts!

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