Friday, February 24, 2017

Review ~ Preston's Honor by Mia Sheridan


Wow... That is book was just...
You know the feeling that you just want to bear-hug someone just to make him feel better? That's what I wanted to do while reading this beautiful story. I wanted to hug Lia and just help her feel better. She had such a rough childhood no one should ever have.

I love Mia's writing. She knows how to deliver all the feels through her words. This is the first time that I had trouble dealing with the heaviness in my heart while reading it, and I'm a "professional" ugly cryer.

Annalia (Lia) grew up with the awful knowledge that she was never wanted. Growing up with no money and a mother who calls you The Devil - that is no way for any child to live. She struggles through her insecurities and has no friends besides the Sawyer boys; identical twins and her only friends.
Cole and Preston have always protected Lia and made her feel very wanted. So wanted that they both raced for a chance to win her heart. When the wrong brother wins, everything changes and things get messy...
Mia takes us to a past and present journey. It's a journey of love, loss, real struggles that we hear of every single day, life changing choices and hope - or at least the search for hope.

Lia is a character that will stay with me forever. I admire her courage and strength. I admire the fact that she always holds her chin up even when it's too hard to do. She's a true fighter and I loved her for that!

Thank you, Mia, for this special story!

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