Tuesday, September 13, 2016

~*~ Review - Hostile Workplace, A Breaking the Rules Novel by A.M. Madden ~*~

I really want to say that I'm surprised of how good this book was, but I can't! A.M. Madden never disappoints me! She is a rock-star! Sam is the perfect guy everyone of us would want for herself; he is super sexy, successful, super sexy (yeah, I know I already said that), sensitive, loyal and so messed up. I know, who wants a messed up guy? If it's Sam - I do! All his issues involves one woman who broke his heart years ago and him being so true to his feelings, never let her go. (I admire men who know how to get in touch with their feelings...) When Lydia, the one who broke his sweet sweet heart, comes back to his life, they both struggle with their past. They both discover that it holds too many secrets and lies that brought them to right where they are right now - being apart.

From the first page till the last, I had hard time putting this book down. Like with every book, my little time to read caused me too long to finish it, while this book sure deserves a day off! I'm a sucker for A.M.'s books and I can't wait for her next one in this series (Liam or Cooper - I'm game). She made my heart break more than once, she made my ovaries scream for mercy and she made me laugh out loud till there were tears in my eyes. Yeah, A.M. Madden knows her way with words.

Highly recommended, guys! Don't miss this book!

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