Sunday, September 25, 2016

~Review - Distrust (Smirnov Bratva Book 1) by T.L. Smith~

"The wolf always catches its pray. 
And she will always be my prey."
Oh dear God! I was not expecting that! I did expect one hell of a book, 'cause this author knows her stuff, but that??? Oh my... I have no idea how to even start this review. I have to admit something, I'm not a big fan of dark reads but somehow T.L. Smith has got me hooked with each and every one of her latest books. She did it again with this one!
Distrust is not a book that you'll be able to put down. It's rough, full of twists, HOT as hell and so so good!

Kazier Smirnov is the head of the Bratva. He is strong, he's dangerous, and doesn't apologize about who he is. He has one weakness - Elina. 

While being in love with a woman he knows by first name only, a ghost for all he knows, he fights his family's name with his sworn enemies. When secrets about his ghost start to reveal, everything he thought he knew and believed start to change. Love becomes his main mission, and when Kasier wants something, he usually get it!

Spoiler free review with this one, its kind of hard to do...
This is not a regular boy loves girl. You can never expect that with T.L.'s books. Just read it! Why? Because I said so!
"When she bled, I know she was real, that she wasn't my ghost.
She is real.
No, she is it."

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