Saturday, February 6, 2016

My Goodreads review for Hearts on Fire by Cole Jaimes

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

"If two broken halves can make a whole, then maybe two broken people can do the same."

Hearts on Fire continues Aidan & Essie's story.

After spending 5 years of her life planning her big revenge against Aiden for her brother's death, Essie never expects to get to know the real him and fall in love.
A one-night stand becomes too much for her to handle and her feelings for him make her very confused.
Aidan's also surprised about the way he feels about her and doesn't really sure how to help her with her grieve.
Too much has happened for both of them and the struggles are too complicated to just get through them.
Lies, deception, and complicated love story - this is what is book is all about.

There are a few things that bothered me though - the first book ended with such a promise to the next, and though I loved reading it, I needed more. It was a bit short and a bit fast going while there were parts that should be deeper and slower.

The sex scenes were mind blowing - I love reading Cole's sex scenes! As far as I'm concerned, I can read Cole's sex scenes all day long ;-)

If you're looking for a fun, sexy read, grab book 1+2 and have a few hours of great time.

Keep writing, Cole, you are on the right track!

Book 1:


Book 2:

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