Sunday, November 15, 2015

Breaking Hearts by MJ Summers - ARC Review

Those of you who read Break In Two could probably relate with what I'm about to say:
I was waiting for Trey's story wayyyyy too long!

I'm was so happy when MJ told me she was going to write Trey's story and it was definitely worth the wait. I just loved everything about it! Even the parts when I wanted to kill Trey!

After hurting all his family, Trey had one thing on his mind – to be a better man for his little boy. He's  graduating college and determine to reunite with his son as soon as possible.
Well, one horrible phone call makes him do that sooner than he expected.
Everything in his life is about to change when he needs to leave everything behind and go to Brazil. Suddenly he needs to fight for his right to be a father for his son when custody issues are on the line.
But, he is not alone. He's got Tomas's nanny and lawyer, Alessandra, by his side who's teaching him how to be a father and fights with him for his right to take Tomas back the US.
They're getting closer and closer and the attraction between them is too strong to ignore.

When they finally decide to act on their feelings, Trey discover a new goal he wants to achieve and what he doesn’t consider is the cost of this goal…

Without revealing any spoilers, you're going to fall in love and fall out of love with Trey through all of it! The end of this book is something that I still need to discuss about with MJ because I'm not quite sure what I feel about Trey right now.

Having said that, I think this book is amazing and deals with real feelings and real conflicts that could happen to every one of us, and this is what I love the most about MJ's books – reality and a steamy one! ;-)

I don't know a lot of authors that can get into your heart with third person writing, I know only two who does it amazingly and MJ is one of them!

Great job! Great story! Highly recommended! 

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