Friday, December 30, 2016

~Review - Vicious by L.J. Shen~

Well well well... That was a blast!
L.J. Shen did it again and she did it amazingly!
Vicious... Oh Vicious... I really wanted to hate him but I just couldn't! Enemies to friends to enemies to lovers to VERY HOT LOVERS - jeez, this book was mind blowing!!!
Emilia is the type of woman I think we all want to be - she's a good, compassionate person, but at the same time, a fighter that no one could ever break. Even though Vicious gives her a very hard time, she stands up for herself and never bends. She has no money, her family struggle to get through day by day, her sister is extremely sick and still she manages to hold it together and fight for her life.
Vicious is the man we all love to hate but with each and every layer he takes off, you immediately forget why you ever hated him. That's until his jerk mood comes back to kick you in the ass and reminds you its still there...

Well, I don't have much else to add to this review besides the fact that this is by far the best work L.J. has done - ever! And I've read all of her books in English and in Hebrew. She's awesome and I love her for that. She's funny and witty, romantic and cynical, she writes great sex scenes but at the same time she is brilliant with writing the goofy stuff, too. This book sure has it all.
Don't miss this story. You're going to hate Vicious, you're going to admire Emilia, you're going to love Vicious and end up being super envious you're not in Emilia's shoes. Just read it, will you?! You can thank me later.

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