Monday, August 15, 2016

~Review - Reclaiming Beauty (The Resilient Hearts Series Book Two) by L.K. Owen~

"Once upon a time, I teetered at the edge of a cliff and any moment felt I would fall. With Roman by my side, I decided to take a chance and jump, hoping I might fly. I didn't just fly, I soared!"

5 amazing, shining stars to this beautiful story! It has everything and so much more...
Beth & Roman's journey had started on Sucker Punched, and I couldn't wait for them to get their own book. They’ve both been through so much that it would be a crime not telling their breathtaking story.

After being attacked, Beth starts the fight of her life. She signs up to The Center and learns how to deal with everything she's been through. Her scars, inside and out, are way too much for her to handle by herself and her time at The Center teaches her how to accept her new life. Roman is the one that always on her mind and she wants to fight not only for herself, but for him too. For the biggest love of her life.

Roman is amazing and never gives up on his love for her, even when she pushes him away. He waits for her to come around and when she does, his life is whole again. They both need to deal with the trial of her assault, so side by side they do that and manage to deal with a few more unexpected surprises on the way...

L.K. did an amazing job with this book. I'm so proud if her and very happy she stepped up her game so much higher. I really can't wait for her next book in this series. It's going to be brilliant I'm sure!

Reclaiming Beauty (The Resilient Hearts Series Book Two): 

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