Saturday, July 30, 2016

~Review ~White (Black Book 3) by T.L. Smith~

"I’m the ice that gives you frostbite, that will burn if you touch me long enough. I’m not the sun that shines brightly. I burn, even in the beauty.”
Yes! She did it again! T.L. Smith has worked her magic once again! After Black and Rose's journey, now it's time for Jake and Addy's, and what a journey they had... It is hard to write spoiler free reviews to T.L.'s books so here it is, hopefully spoiler free:
After everything Jake went through, he drowns himself with alcohol and random f*ucks. He doesn't believe his broken soul can be fixed until he meets Addy. 
Another broken soul that hardly knows how to get through another day after being sold by her father to a total monster of a man. 
One thing leads to another and Jake and Addy find themselves together, on a ride for peace, healing and maybe even love.
I loved Jake! I loved his whitty way with words, even when he's down. I loved the way he opened up his heart and soul to the unexpected thing named Addy, I just loved him...
“Well, I guess relationships are like farts, hey? If you gotta push them, all you get is shit.”
This series couldn't been ended better, and the fact that I finished that book wayyy faster that I usually do, says a lot. If I had to point for one thing that bottered me, it must be the fast lane that Addy took from hating Jake to having strong feelings for him. But, who can judge her? Hell, Jake is HOT! LOL 
Thank you T.L. for another book that held me captivated from the first page. Can't wait for your next one!

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