Friday, May 29, 2015

Review for Trouble by Samantha Towle

Some books just leave me speechless. I need a few days to process everything I've read and experienced just to bring all of my emotions into coherent sentences and onto my Word document. That's how I can put through my reading experience the best way possible. So there it is, a few days have passed and I am going to do my absolute best so that you'll fall in love, exactly as I have, with this beautiful story:

Mia, a girl in her 20's, a Harvard med student who lives in Boston has been abused by her father throughout her whole life. She has been orphaned from her mother when she was just a baby and therefore have been sentenced to a terrible life of suffering. When the best day of her life - the day her father passes away - finally arrives, she feels free! She is beginning to enjoy herself and regains good faith in herself, believing she can turn her life around. However, this faith is short-lived once she enters an abusive relationship which mimics the one she's had with her father. Forbes, her partner, hits her and emotionally abuses her, and she has to put up with this suffering for months upon months. The day he tries to rape her, she finally leaves everything behind and runs away.

Mia takes her car keys and escapes to the farthest place possible. She ends up in Colorado, in a faraway hotel, where she meets Jordan.

And ladies - you do not want to miss on the very dear Mr. Jordan Matthews!

Jordan is a handsome player, a devil-may-care guy who obviously doesn't do relationships. His dog, Dozer, is actually the only thing he seems to be fully committed to. But once Mia enters his life, everything changes! Jordan gets carried away by Mia, allowing himself to feel things he's never felt before. From being the guy who is looking to get into a girl's pants, he turns out to be the guy who takes care of his girl and shows patience and a caring heart - at any given moment. When she opens up to him about her painful past, everything he wants to do is to love and protect her. Little by little Mia learns how to trust Jordan and how to put her trust in other people. They fall in love and begin to build an enchanting relationship.

Unfortunately, the two don't survive when secrets from the past of Mia's mother regarding Jordan's late mom creep into their relationship. Once again, Mia runs away, only this time, her running away ends up differently...

Samantha Towle is known for her ability to let us, her readers, feel everything from everything - literally every set of emotions - all whilst making us laugh at the right places. 

When you read the book, keep one thing in mind - Dozer is the man!

In Chika's tail-wiggling-meter: Fast, furious and fierce wiggle! Highly recommend!



  1. Wonderful review sis! It's definitely been added to my TBR list :)